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Classroom Policies & Etiquette




It is important that the children are present for the "Hello Song" in order to feel included in the class. Families who arrive late to class draw attention away from the circle and make it difficult for the teacher to regain focus.


Our entrance (side door) opens about 15 minutes before your scheduled class time and studio doors open approximately 10 minutes before class time. Main entrance (side door) is locked during class (about 15 minutes in) to increase security and to decrease interruption. Once class begins, do your best to remain in the classroom for the entire class (this of course does not include a necessary bathroom break or an upset child that needs time away from the family circle).


If you are running very late and think you might arrive more than 15 minutes late, please consider scheduling a makeup through our Make Up Scheduler online instead.


2. No one (grandparents, guests and ESPECIALLY unregistered children) is allowed to wait in our waiting area while class is in session unless they are tending to a child that needs assistance or taking a break from class with an upset child.


3. NO RUNNING ALLOWED IN OUR CLASSROOM AT ANY TIME unless it's a part of a song activity.

This policy is in place not for a toddler who just learned how to walk but for our older children in class who are able to follow the policy. All of our classes are mixed age and it is very important for all families to feel comfortable enough to allow their children to roam freely but safely throughout the classroom. It is suggested that if your child likes to run, please be sure to repeat this policy to your child BEFORE entering the classroom and possibly waiting until right before class is about to begin before joining the family circle. Allow your child roaming freedom, but always BE ALERT. No space is completely child-proof.


4. Please put your cell phone on vibrate during class.

If you must accept a phone call during class, please carry your conversation outside the studio.


No texting during class, please. If there are extenuating circumstances (on call, awaiting an important phone call), please let your teacher know. Otherwise, no phones during your 45 minute class.


5. Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in our studio.

Nursing and a bottle for your baby is always welcome in our studio and during class, but if possible, please try to take care of these activities before or after class.


If your child mouths an instrument or prop during class, please be sure to place the item in our wet bucket to be sanitized.


6. Keep socializing down once class begins.

This is only 45 minutes of your day. Children tend to vocalize IN BETWEEN the songs. If you're socializing, you may miss important developmental achievements with your child.


7. Dirty diapers can be disposed of in the special canister located in the bathroom.


8. No photographs, please.

If a person is taking pictures, he or she is not actively participating. Sometimes prior arrangements have been made for certain classes during the semester, and those families involved are notified. All families are invited to take pictures before and after class, and at certain times during our last class of the semester.


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