Mixed Age
Canalside Music Together
Michelle Wagner
CMT Zoom Room
Monday, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
09/21/20 - 12/14/20 (10 weeks)

With Music Together® Online, the teachers you know and love from Canalside Music Together will bring music class to your living room. Like all our classes, the program is designed to teach the way young children learn: through play! Your whole family will have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming along to Maracas songs during weekly live online/interactive classes with a replay archive. Digital family resources, including recordings and bonus activities through our award-winning Hello Everybody app, plus a hard-copy songbook, will inspire you to make music all day.

Upcoming Meetings
11/02/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 11/02/20 9:30 AM Drop-In
11/09/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 11/09/20 9:30 AM Drop-In
11/16/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 11/16/20 9:30 AM Drop-In
11/23/20    <None> Monday (Thanksgiving Break) 11/23/20
(Thanksgiving Break)
11/30/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 11/30/20 9:30 AM Drop-In
12/07/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 12/07/20 9:30 AM Drop-In
12/14/20    9:30 AM Monday Drop-In 12/14/20 9:30 AM Drop-In