Music Together® Online!

As we continue to practice physical distancing, we know parents like you are looking for fun online activities to engage your little ones and support their learning. With our interactive online music classes, you now have access to the same high-quality early childhood music and movement curriculum loved by millions of families and teachers around the world--from the convenience of your home.

There's nothing quite like music-making to build the connections we need now more than ever. Music gives us a way to express our emotions and naturally relieves stress. It makes us feel human. It supports children's learning and development. Plus, it's fun for the whole family!

Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that creates a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program.

Families enrolled for Music Together Online will have access to these experiences:

  • A 10-week Interactive Semester
  • Enjoy a live, 30 minute, interactive Zoom class once a week with one of our fabulous CMT staff.  Our teachers will show you how to make musical memories with your kids in your own home, learning new songs, chants and dances
  • Unlimited makeups
  • Our weekly lesson plans will also be available for viewing on our Family Portal. Combined, each family will have the opportunity to enjoy as many classes as they wish each week! Our recorded content will be posted on a private, password protected video platform (similar to YouTube, but no ads or other videos - just us!) Families can go on and see their favorite teacher, or see the videos from any of us - all teacher videos will be available to all families.
  • In addition to our recorded classes on our Family Portal, families will also be able to enjoy additional content where our teachers share a different way of exploring our songs, sometimes with a different prop or instrument, or with your songbook. 
  • Our awesome set of take home materials. Yes, you will still be able to receive your materials packet delivered right to your home!

Wait, Screen Time?

Have concerns about screentime? Here’s what we know. When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don't take it in the same way as face-to-face interactions. That's not what we want, nor what we intend for your child's experience and development. Screentime can be effective and beneficial to your child's learning when you're right there with them, actively participating, engaging, and learning, too. We know why - because YOU are the most important ingredient in your child's music development! When you immerse in the experience with your child, interacting with your teacher online, and each other in your home, using computers, screens, and devices can be a wonderful tool for learning. For more on this topic, check out this article.

CMT Online 2020 Tuition

  • $165 flat. No sibling fee for any of our classes (Mixed Age, Master Class for 3s/4s, Rhythm Kids)

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Even though we can’t be together in person, we can still be silly, interactive and playful “together” online. 

We hope you'll join us!