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Music Together® has given this lucky Grandmother the opportunity to share the invaluable gift of music with her precious grandchildren. The 45 minute weekly class along with using the CDs throughout the week gives them a foundation of music fun and exploration that will stay with them for a lifetime. There is no more coveted time each week than our time spent singing and dancing together.

Garrett family – 3 children, 20 semesters



We love Ms Esther and Canalside Music Together. I confess I have as much fun in class as the children do. I even sing out loud ! Each collection contains musical treasures I cherish; from my son's first favorite “Clap Your Hands” to the first to calm my daughter when she was a tiny newborn “Sweet Potato.” Both children claim ownership of “their” music and we keep all the collections in constant rotation in the car. Ms Esther has brought so much to our lives and we're so thankful we found her.

Kroll Family – 2 children, 23 semesters and counting



We started taking classes at Canalside Music Together when my oldest child was 3 months old.  As a new stay at home mom, I was originally just looking for an activity to get me out of the house.  Twenty two semesters and two more kids later, I now realize how much more we have gained as a family from our time with Esther Winter.  Each one of my daughters can sing on key, and dance on beat.  Into their elementary years, they have continued to pursue musical interests through dance, orchestra and stage shows.  Music Together CDs contain music that is enjoyable for the whole family and Ms. Winter runs a productive and professional class.  I highly recommend the program.

Shenoy Family – 3 children, 22 semesters



We began our journey as a Music Together family in 2009 when my oldest child was only 3 1/2 months old. Music played a very influential role in my life and I was anxious to have my daughter enjoy music the same way. Esther assured me that even though she was still very young, there was a lot she could get out of the class. Since that spring semester in 2009, we have attended regularly with all of our children, the youngest two attending their first class at just 6 and 7 days of age with a an older sibling. We continue to listen to the music on our home and in our car. The songs have been an absolute life-saver on long car rides. I have enjoyed the class at least as much as my children have. Listening to their humming and singing and watching them play the instruments in class is an experience I will always cherish.

Bailey Family – 4 children, 23 semesters



Canalside Music Together has been part of our family life for almost 10 years and it continues to be the highlight in our week. Even now, with only our youngest child able to attend classes, the oldest two are still enjoying the music they get to revisit through her. We all wish we could continue with Miss Esther forever! I love that the music collections are filled with multicultural folk songs, finger plays and a variety of rhythms. We've found our children to be active listeners of music because of their experience in Music Together. They can identify different instruments, pick out different vocal parts and tap a steady beat in varied time signatures. This foundation has been useful in learning new instruments, reading music and group singing as our children have gotten older. I also appreciate having an arsenal of songs at the ready for situations that arise - such as seasonal finger plays for entertaining little ones in waiting rooms and rounds for singing on long car rides. And I love that for one class a week, I get to enjoy my littlest all on her own, doing something fun and enriching for us both! We are so grateful to have found Canalside Music Together, as it’s been a continual blessing for our family and the source of many important memories of our growing family.

Krug Family – 3 children, 21 semesters



We LOVE music class!  Miss Maggie is amazing! She is incredibly talented and kind!   Music class with Miss Maggie is the highlight of our daughter Lily’s week! She loves all of the music.  We listen to the cds at home and in the car and are always singing her favorite songs from class.  Of course, she also enjoys the stamps at the end of class :)

Speed Family – 1 child, 3 semesters



Music Together has been a special part of our family’s life for 7 years.  One of the most important things MT has given us is the encouragement to be musical together!  We are so much more inclined to sing and dance with our kids – to their music and ours – and it makes music fun for them.  It is also amazing to see their musical learning progress – from babbling during the songs, to mimicking the hand and body movements from class, to eventually learning the words and repeating them along with the CD or in class each week.  Each child has progressed on a different path, but they have all loved the music and the class environment and structure.  We believe in the MT program and the early music education it provides, and we have loved being part of the MT family.


Wolff Family – 3 children, 24 semesters